Water Softeners

It’s no secret to anyone working in the plumbing and heating industry that around 60% of homes across the UK are supplied with hard water. This means that over 15 million houses suffer from the damaging effects of hard water and resulting limescale on a daily basis.

The majority of these households pay out for cleaning products each month to keep the limescale problem under control – and these same harsh cleaning products then end up in the drainage system where they need heavy processing to ensure they don’t damage our environment.

Water softeners are an instant and long-term fix to the problems caused by hard water, and make a real and immediate difference to households. A water softener unit can last over 15 years, allowing homeowners to forget about limescale problems entirely.

As an installer, you’re fitting replacement boilers into homes in hard water areas on a weekly basis – and a water softener unit is a perfect pairing for a new boiler job.

So why aren’t water softeners present in all homes in hard water areas? We’ve asked ourselves the same question; we know that coupling up a boiler installation with a water softener unit isn’t a job that many installers currently undertake – but equally we know installers could do this.

To support the trade, we’ve produced a series of guides about water softeners to arm you with the information that you and your customer needs (what you think you might already know might not necessarily be true!), to make it as easy as possible for you to encourage your clients to have one fitted.