EV Infrastructure Summit 2024

9 April 2024, KPMG Canary Wharf, London

BEAMA is delighted to supporting the EV Infrastructure Summit 2024, which is being held at KPMG Canary Wharf, London on 9 April 2024.

The programme will focus on the recent developments in the UK EV Infrastructure Industry, and look at business model innovation, following a recent increase in consumer and business participation in smart consumption. It will also review the current role of local authorities in charging infrastructure provision and showcase the next generation of smart and efficient charging points in the UK and beyond. This in-person conference will feature insightful presentations from, and informed debate between, senior experts and government representatives on the key topics involved.

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Topics being covered include:

  • Update on Project Rapid, ZERFT and other UK Government’s EV infrastructure priorities & spending plans
  • Analysing key market drivers for developing EV charging infrastructure to meet the needs of the UK EV industry. How is the public perception of EV charging infrastructure changing at the moment?
  • Next generation of smart and efficient EV charging points. How reliable and easy to pay for are they?
  • How are new technologies redefining commercial models?
  • Rapid advances in battery technology
  • How is EV Infrastructure funding shifting? Finance and investment new models


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