BEAMA submits response to BEIS Select Committee Inquiry on Semiconductor shortages

15 Jun 2022

We know this, along with many other supply chain shortages, is having a huge impact on our members’ market.  While this specific inquiry is aimed more directly at the semiconductor industry, we have used it as opportunity to compile some of the feedback we have had from members so far with regards to the impact this specific shortage is having on our membership. This is a very brief document, but BEAMA intend to conduct a wider review this summer across our membership of all key shortages affecting our members to provide direct input into BEIS. While there is little BEAMA and UK Government can at this stage, and in the short term, do to alleviate the immediate issues associated with global supply we continue to report on this and help our members communicate to their customers on the impact this may have on supply going forward. We welcome members to send any evidence they have at any time to, this evidence will be delt with in the strictest of confidence but may help to advance our conversations with UK Government.