“Enabling a just transition to net zero: a manifesto for change” Published by the University of Strathclyde

08 Jul 2022

This week saw the publication of 'Enabling a just transition to net zero: a manifesto for change’ from the University of Strathclyde. The manifesto is the view of the authors, not specifically of BEAMA or its members, but Jeremy Yapp, Head of BEAMA’s Flexible Energy Systems, did contribute to the workshop and the process leading to this publication.

The document, part of ALIGN: Aligning Impacts for Getting Net Zero, states that:

The report was authored by Rachel Bray and Rebecca Ford of the University of Strathclyde

Transition to a net-zero energy system provides society with an opportunity to embed justice principles and practices across the energy sector in order to achieve a transition that is

not just ‘green’ but also ‘just’. The just transition concept, born out of international trade union movements, takes into account the rights of the workforce and encourages the creation of decent work and quality jobs.

The Manifesto for Change was developed and published to be the final product of the ALIGN project1. The team from University of Strathclyde, together with the Scottish Government’s Juts Transition Engagement Team, worked to bring together stakeholders from throughout the industry to form a workshop, including Jeremy Yapp, Head of BEAMA’s Flexible Energy Systems.

Other members of the workshop were invited from across national and local government, business and industry, trade unions, finance, community organisations and the third sector, with the goal to hear their ambitions for a just energy transition by 2045