BEAMA Underfloor Heating Guides

The BEAMA Underfloor heating group has recently produced a number of new guides from low profile and responsive underfloor heating to choosing your floor covering to maximise your underfloor heating efficiency.  

BEAMA Underfloor’s remit from its members is to ensure we provide homeowners, specifiers, users, designers and installers with accurate, up-to-date, unbiased clear advice, with reference projects and case studies. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIN to receive updates when they are published.


With the support of BEAMA Underfloor, the Domestic Buildings Services Panel (DBSP) has produced a guide on the design and installation of underfloor heating systems.   This is a comprehensive technical guide for professionals wishing to understand all aspects of UFH and complements the Domestic Heating Design Guide, also produced by the DBSP.  The Underfloor and other DBSP guides are produced on a non-profit basis by the Panel and can be purchased here.

If you would like information on any of these topics in advance of publication please contact Kevin Ray: or you can contact one of the BEAMA Underfloor members by clicking here