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19 September 2019

As a plumber or heating engineer, we know you’re an integral part of an industry that works relentlessly to improve the quality of life, increase comfort and create energy-efficient homes for customers. And if you work in a hard water area, you’ll know this boils down to more than just the heating system.

The problems caused as a result of living in a hard water area – from blocked up pipes, limescale filled appliances or niggles around the amount of cleaning products used each month – can leave homeowners frustrated long after you finish the job you’re there to do. But you know there’s a solution; water softeners can solve all these problems and more. So how do you convince your customer to make the investment?

By simply offering your customer the option to have a water softener installed in their home, you could make a huge difference to their lives. And not only that, because they’ll be so happy with the result and the way you went the extra mile to share your advice and expertise, you’re bound to secure repeat business from not only the customer but the people they recommend you to. For you and the customer, it’s awin/win situation.

Plus, you can use our homeowner guides available on the BEAMA website to tell them everything they might need to know about hard water and softener units. We’ve made it as easy as possible to share all the relevant information, so use them to your advantage.

Be a hard water homeowner’s hero – suggest a water softener today and work with a BEAMA recommended manufacturer to source and install the perfect product for your customer’s home.